Heavens to Murgatroyd!***


Described in the liner notes of the 2020 Impact Jazz release as “a bit of an outlier.” It looks back to the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of my childhood and specific to the recording, forward to the electronic innovations of hip-hop. This “off-balance” jazz waltz begins with a boxed-in ragtime feel of a bass ostinato, repetitive harmonic figures in the piano and Avant-Garde styled improvisational drumming throughout the arrangement. The contrasting melody is executed by Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone and Trombone, then restated by voiced saxophones and counter-melodic brass figures. The recording features a DJ cutting and scratching samples of cartoon voices and phrases accompanied by a looped 4/4 bells-and-chimes pattern creating an oddball mechanical polyrhythmic feel to the whole piece. The whole tune is a hodgepodge bouquet of chaos. Solos: 2nd Trumpet, 1st Trombone, 1st Tenor Saxophone, Drums.

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