Lets Call The Whole Thing Off**


*Vocal Feature or Trumpet Feature
This arrangement is a medium tempo straight-ahead swinger of the George & Ira Gershwin classic from the 1937 film “Shall We Dance.” Written in F Major, this tune has been arranged to be either a vocal feature or a trumpet feature with parts for both instruments included. The intro of the arrangement begins with solo bass walking a 2-beat feel on the last eight measures of the form, followed by the voice/trumpet in duet with the bass for the first 8 measures of the form. From there the feature instrument is accompanied by ensemble orchestration for the remainder of that first chorus of the form. The next chorus of the arrangement is a solo section for either of the featured instruments or for the 4th trumpet, guitar, piano or bass if the vocalist chooses not to sing an improvised solo. There is a ½ chorus Ensemble Shout section that sets up the featured instrument for the bridge of the final chorus, leading to a 4 measure repeated tag and a composed ending. This is a very versatile arrangement that can be sung by a male and female vocalist separately, together or by a featured trumpet soloist.


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