Little Drummer Boy***


*Vocal Feature
As recorded by Nnenna Freelon and the John Brown Big Band on the 2012 Brown Boulevard release “Christmas,” this is a reharmonized arrangement on this classic Christmas tune that features a March-like/New Orleans street beat feel, masterfully executed by New Orleans drummer Adonnis Rose on the recording session. Unless you’re from NOLA, it is recommended that the drummer listen to Adonnis’ interpretation of this groove and only refer to the written drum groove a “suggestion.” The tempo is å = 90 in the key of C Major and modulating to Db Major. As the arrangement progresses it goes into Swing with a double-time feel while modulating again to D Major. Throughout this metric modulation of tempos, the lyric is sung with the same å = 90 tempo feel. At the end of the arrangement there is a recap back to the original New Orleans street beat feel as displayed in the beginning of the chart. This is a great chart to be performed during the Christmas season and to add variety to any concert program.

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