To Whom It May Concern***


This is an original composition and arrangement recorded by Derrick Gardner & The BIG dig! BAND on the 2020 Impact Jazz release “Still I Rise.” This composition is a medium-up tempo Jazz Waltz in F Minor. The melody is first displayed by Bass and Guitar in unison then followed by the melody voiced in the saxophone section with counter-melodic figures in the brass. This composition was originally arranged solely as a Bass feature, however when we recorded this piece I opened up the solo section to include solos for Trombone and Baritone Saxophone. Chord changes for Concert, Bb & Eb pitched instruments are included along with instructions describing the arrangement roadmap from the recording should you desire to open up the solo section for your performance. The written arrangement features a solo section for the Bass and a solo section for a “Walking Bass” solo as well. Also included is a two chorus Saxophone Soli, an Ensemble Soli section and a two chorus Drum solo that trades with ensemble orchestration. This great piece to be used to feature the Bass and change the pace in a concert program from a Swing feel to a 3/4 Jazz Waltz feel.

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