White Christmas**


*Baritone Saxophone Feature
This is a big band arrangement of The Drifters 1954 version of George & Ira Gershwin’s Christmas season classic composition. It features the Baritone Saxophone mimicking the melodic phrasing of Baritone/Bass vocalist of this classic 1950’s R&B/Doo-Wop group. The high tenor voice singing the melody in The Drifters’ version is mimicked by the melody voiced in the trombone section. After the melodic statement, which is in a 2-beat feel (å = 125 – 130), there is a straight-ahead swing solo section with background figures for the Baritone Saxophone. After the solo section, the arrangement returns to the tenor-voiced melody in the Trombones leading back to the Baritone Saxophone taking over the melody to bring the arrangement to the end. This is a very entertaining arrangement to perform during the Christmas season, which will definitely bring back memories to those who grew up in the 1950’s.

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